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List of Insurance Companies - Top Tens Reviewed

There are many 'Top Tens' of car insurance companies out there, and you will find that the top spots are (almost) the same. It's quite obvious that you can't go wrong with any of these companies, not when so many people recommend them.

List of Various Insurance CompaniesPractice has taught us that it's not always wise to stay with the same company for many years in a row, at least without analyzing offers from other companies. Insurers always come with innovative products to 'steal' customers from the competition, so knowing who else is on the market and what they have to offer is always a good idea.

Without further adieu, here is our own list of insurance companies that are on top of today's market, together with what we and other reviewers have learned about them.


GEICO is our all-time favorite insurance company in the United States. They are affordable, offer great discounts for seasoned drivers and their customer support department is the best on the market. Claims are handled quickly and painlessly and GEICO seems to have the lowest percentage of unsatisfied customers. They also have a large network of partners in the retail world, so you can get discounts when shopping for daily items just for being a GEICO customer.

2. State Farm

State Farm is another leader on today's insurance market. Claims are handled promptly and rates are affordable. The best perk we liked about them is that you get a dedicated agent when signing up with State Farm. You can call that agent or meet in person, rather than calling a toll-free number and talking to someone else every time. Lots of customers say they tried to switch to other insurers due to various reasons but always came back to State Farm.

3. Nationwide

Nationwide is one of the best insurance companies for teenagers and very young drivers. There have been documented cases of 18 year olds who got to pay something in the range of $1,200 for a six months comprehensive coverage when every other company on the market was asking for at least $4,000. They are a top pick for grown ups as well – Nationwide offers consistent discounts for 40+ year old drivers with good driving records.


AARP is yet another solid company, with a great history of prompt payments and seamless solving of claims. They allow you to choose your own repair shop, which is not something frequent with competitors. "Customer experience" and "affordability" is what describes AARP best. They are by far not the cheapest on the market, therefore they only got our 4th place.

5. Esurance

The best thing we liked about Esurance was the great online platform. You can view and pay your bills, update contact details and change or renew policies in with a few clicks, right from the comfort of your home or office. Their rates are also fairly competitive, so Esurance surely deserves our number five spot.

6. Amica

Amica prides itself with offering an unmatched customer support. One of our editors has a policy with them and her agent even calls her to wish her happy birthday. They are always easy to reach and will immediately assist you with any changes to your policy. Prices are fairly competitive, claims are handled fairly well, so Amica is an overall good company to get insurance with.

7. American Family

American Family is one of the top choices for households. They are known to reward their returning customers and can offer unbeatable rates if you have been with them for more than a couple of years. While American Family might not be the best pick for young drivers, they are definitely worth trying if you are a family and own more than one car. If you get your health and home insurances with them you will be eligible for huge discounts.

8. AAA

AAA lives up to its name when it comes to response times. They handle claims in a blazingly fast manner – probably one of the fastest on today's market. You may have your car towed away within fifteen minutes after an accident and a replacement car even sooner. The claims process is hassle-free – they understand that a streamlined system is profitable both for them and their customers. However, their quality services come with quite hefty bills, hence they only get the 8th place in our chart.

9. Progressive

Progressive are quick, painless and all it takes to file a claim is one phone call. They have contracts with lots of repair shops and guarantee fast turnaround times. They are one of the fastest on the market to respond to roadside assistance requests – no matter where your car broke down, they will be there to help. While Progressive is not the cheapest on the market, they are a solid company with lots of happy customers.

10. Liberty Mutual

While they do have great customer support and have a proven track record of paying on time and every time, Liberty Mutual only got our tenth spot because they tend to be quite pricey. They are also not too keen on rewarding loyal customers – it's not unusual to have the very same premium for more than ten years in a row even if you haven't had any claims.

This list was built on our own preferences and the experience we had with each of these ten insurance companies. Just because you didn't find a certain company here it doesn't mean it's bad or you should stay away from it – there are many solid companies out there and a lot of them are worth trying. All insurers come with their perks and downsides and it's up to you to balance the pros and cons.

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