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Car Insurance Companies with the Best Ratings

ou learned a lot on this site about how car insurance ratings work, as well as the independent agencies that rate insurers on today's market. But what are the top insurance companies today? This article will give you four of the car insurance companies with best ratings.

State Farm

State Farm is said to be the largest insurer in the United States, with a market share of almost 20% in 2011. There is not much to say about a company who owns one fifth of the market, other than just to underline that you can't go wrong with them. They are one of the oldest insurers and their services have only got better as years passed by.

AM Best rated State Farm's financial status as A++, highest grade possible.


As per the latest statistics, Allstate is the second largest insurer in the United States, with a little over 10% market share. They don't only deal with auto insurance, they have a huge range of products in their portfolio. If you want to have your house and health insurances with the same company then Allstate would be a great pick.

AM Best rated both Allstate Insurance and Allstate Life Insurance an A+, which indicates a very strong company.


Esurance was one of the first insurers to allow customers to buy coverage online. They understood that a streamlined process with less paperwork is in the interest of both sides, so they made things as easy as they can be. You can manage your account online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, print your insurance cards from the web interface and chat to your sales representative online.

Prices are also fairly competitive. While no insurer offers top rates on each and every product possible, it's good to know that Esurance is close to the top.

AM Best Company rated Esurance an A+, a sign of a strong company you can't go wrong with.


GEICO is yet another insurance company that is strongly committed to customer care. They have branches across the whole country so, upon signing up, a personal insurance assistant from a local store will be assigned to you. They also have a strong online presence – you can pay your bills online, add or renew policies and ask questions. The offline and online reach is a strong reason why lots of customers switch to GEICO, and surveyors like Kanbay Research Institute consider them to be the top desired insurer on the American market.

AM Best gave GEICO the best grades. As per the last review in May 2001, the financial strength is rated as A++, and the debt rating on company's existing securities is an AAA.

These four companies control more than 40% of the American market. There are many more car insurance companies, all with top notch ratings, but you just can't go wrong with State Farm, Esurance, Allstate or GEICO.

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