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Comparing Auto Insurance Companies - Apples & Oranges?

There are so many car insurance companies on today's market that picking the right one for your needs can seem a daunting task. All of them seem to offer the same products and prices are quite close – so how can you tell which insurer you should go with? How do you compare them? are with dealing with like for like or Apples and Oranges comparison? This is a short guide to comparing auto insurance companies.

Get A List Of The Top Companies

This should be the first step, because it narrows down your search drastically. Looking up each position on a huge list of insurance companies would probably take you weeks, but fortunately we have done the hard work for you. We have weeded out the low quality ones and came with a list of the top ten insurers on today's market – start off by consulting this list.

Ask For A Quote

Your final decision should be based on the price and reliability of a certain insurer. Insurance companies have similar prices only in theory – you may find huge differences between two providers on the exact same policy. Since no two drivers are the same, don't simply go with an insurer because "you heard they are the cheapest".

Review The Customer Service

A car insurance policy isn't only about the insurance card, a contract and some payments. In case something bad happens, you will need them to be there to assist you. A 24/7 customer support, preferably with a toll-free number, is a minimum must – if your car breaks down on a Friday night at 2:15 AM you don't want to wait till Monday to get roadside assistance. Since we are living in the digital era, you will also want a user-friendly online interface where you can make payments, renew policies or update your contact details.

Compare Financial Strengths

It's important to know that a company is strong enough to be there for the years to come and can reimburse you in the event something goes bad. The insurer shouldn't go bankrupt if you have a $600,000 claim. We have already done the grunt work for you – the ten insurance companies we listed are solid and highly unlikely to vanish overnight. However, sites like AM Best publish regular updates on the status of various insurers, so you might want to look them up before signing the contract.

Read Customer Reviews

Once you have narrowed your search down to two or three companies, read some customer reviews. Websites like JDPower or ConsumerReports publish satisfaction surveys on various service providers. Join forums and ask around on social networks. Look for independent opinions from people who have tried the service. If your friends or relatives have a policy with one of your chosen companies make sure you ask them how they liked the service so far.

These are the main criteria you should keep in mind when analyzing a list of insurance companies. Remember not to take the first offer you see – some shopping around and comparing offers will pay off.

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