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Car Insurance Comparison – The Basics

If you’re a driver then auto insurance is a necessity you can’t afford to ignore. Not only are you legally obligated within the US to have auto insurance but having insurance is the only way to protect your vehicle and your assets in the case of an accident- regardless of whether that accident is your fault or not. Overall, auto insurance premiums have continued to rise in price in recent years which is a trend that isn’t likely to abate any time soon. To get your car insurance at the best possible premium you need to learn the basics of auto insurance comparison.

Know What You Need

The first thing you need to do is know exactly what sort of insurance you’re looking for. Be as specific as possible because it’s impossible to receive the lowest quotes possible if you end up asking for additional coverage you neither need nor want. Some options include:

    • Towing and labor
      Uninsured coverage
      Underinsured coverage
      Liability insurance
      Across the board full coverage
  • Next you want to figure out ways you can reduce your rate right off the bat before you even start soliciting quotes. Every state has their own commission on insurance worth checking out and doing a little research to look into actions you can take to reduce your premiums is a wise move. For example you can reduce your insurance premiums by:

    • Taking a defensive driving course. This alone can reduce your premium by at least 10%.
      Accepting a higher deductible. High deductibles can reduce your premium by over 40%.
      Driving less often. See if your insurance provider offers any low-mileage discounts.
      Avoiding in house roadside assistance. Getting towed even once can increase your premium
  • Comparing Quotes

    After you know exactly what you need, what the different types of insurance are, what the different insurance terminologies are, and after you’ve learned what measures you can take to reduce your rate across the board, it’s time to start requesting quotes so you can perform accurate auto insurance comparison.

    There are two main ways to compare premium quotes:
    • Go to each individual provider’s website to request quotes.
      Use a service (like the one you’ll find on our website) which compiles many quotes together.
  • Auto insurance comparison is MUCH easier when you have all the information in one place and automatically arranged for you rather than having to track it down yourself.

    Price Matters, but It’s Not Everything

    Look over these quotes, make sure they’re for exactly what you need, see if you get anything extra you don’t need for free, and then make a decision regarding which car insurance company you wish to go with. Remember- price is often the most important factor when deciding which car insurance you wish to go with but it’s not the only one, so do a little research to get a full picture of what every provider has to offer you.

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